Hydrogen organization

It is an organization engaged in the development and popularization of hydrogen technologies, which brings together students who are interested in the field and want to contribute towards it. 

We are a group of young people with green mindset

We organize conferences, competitions and workshops. At TalTech, we lead the development of opportunities for students in the field of hydrogen. In addition to busy work, we take time to do something fun as a group to stay motivated. We watch movies together, visit activity centers or take part in competitions.

We have a clear goal

At TiVo, we operate on the principle that if you don’t try, you won’t succeed. You must dream, think bigger and with a united team you can achieve almost anything!

Core activities

We educate members to operate in the field of hydrogen, create a favorable environment for them to develop, and help represent their interests in the school

Organizing conferences, workshops, trips, competitions, etc. for students and high school students

Fostering member engagement and well-being

Implementing hydrogen technology development projects and finding new opportunities


Bring together students who are interested in hydrogen technology and want to contribute to it. 
Developing and supporting environmentally friendly technology and raising awareness and interest in society 
Focusing on finding different ways to help students to develop (including modernization of curriculum) and offering them new opportunities. 
Expansion of the international contact network.